In April London Road Station Partnership celebrated its 10th birthday. With celebrations including gardening with six for real in the morning, a socially distanced lunch and then a Zoom celebration with a wider group. Current members and former members come together, along with staff from Southern and the Southeast Community Rail Partnership.

“To celebrate, we planted a crab apple, which will attract pollinators for our mini-orchard, and a daphne odora, which should waft lovely perfume when it’s grown on a bit, just at a moment of the year when little is growing.

It’s been such a wonderful group, bringing neighbours together, and ten years seems nothing. We’ve had so many lovely people get involved – thank you to all of you!

We made a video to celebrate 10 years of a very special community partnership at a railway station.”

“The London Rd Station Partnership was created on 15th April 2011 – that’s ten years of community gardening at London Rd Station, Brighton. The group of neighbours who set up the partnership has become a group of friends. We’ve created two gardens, launched a community composting scheme, set up five planters and planted up the tree pits at the front of the station. We’ve organised all kinds of events for our community at the station; we’ve done a lot of digging, sawing, planting and chatting and we’ve drunk lots of cups of tea! The photo below was taken in May 2011 when the edible plot was nothing but compacted rubble.”

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