Our Education Team pride themselves on providing the best possible experience for the organisations we work with.  Our teaching resources, materials and trips are tailored to the needs of each group we deliver to.  We consistently receive positive feedback for our workshops, station visits and Try a Train experiences.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Have a read of some of our recent feedback below!


“10/10 Thank you so much. This was such a valuable session and I know the children learned lots. Cath is very friendly and approachable and led the session brilliantly.”

Lara Petfield – Teacher, Georgian Gardens CP School  22.11.21


“Demystified the whole experience. Appealed to the students interests and at their level. Lots of ‘insider’ knowledge that even the staff didn’t know. We’ve all learned lots – thank you!  Maddy’s workshop and activities were well planned and delivered taking into account students’ needs. Train Bingo was perfect for my students.”

 The Castle School (post 16)  Try a Train 27.6.22


“10/10 Sharon was excellent – very responsive to pupils; great resources, very clear. It was great to have a travel coach who knows how to deliver learning in a classroom environment.”

Toby Patton – Teacher, Hazel Court FE College -Plan a Journey/Rail Safety Workshop 21.2.22


“10/10 Clear images throughout presentation and great ability by trainer to answer queries. Encouraged independence throughout train ride and knowledgeable when showing us around the train. Excellent sessions – very inclusive of our young people with learning disabilities.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                HALOW  – Try a Train 10.12.21     


“10/10 It was great for children to experience being on a train, some hadn’t! It was also great for them to use the ticket machines etc. This was a very worthwhile opportunity for the children – they thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Michael Sayer – Y6 Teacher All Saints, Wokingham – Reading Station visit 16.2.21 


“10/10 –They really enjoyed the pollution activity and said, ‘It really shows you how bad the chemicals are in petrol!’ They were very engaged in all the activities and discussions. A fantastic workshop.”

Genevieve Koulsoumanis – Y6 Teacher, West Park School, Sustainable Workshop 02.12.21 


“10/10 Pupils were engaged throughout. Activities were practical/physical and theory, with pupils answering. Sharon empathised with pupils and took her time with each part of the session.”

Carolyn Bloom, The Lindfield School, Y11 SEN – Sustainable Travel Workshop 24.3.22


“10/10 Children were active and engaged at all times. Very well organized activities with good variety.  Booklet well organized and everything clear. So practical and also great fun!”

 Stephanie Charman – Y6 Teacher, St Peter’s Junior School, Station Visit 18.5.22


“10/10 Session was pitched at the right level for my vulnerable/SEND pupils. Pupils were able to ask questions… Pupils that have never caught a train by themselves were equipped with tools to do so.  I really liked the section about who/where to go if you had a problem.”

Jamie Bligh – Head of Y7 teacher, St Richards Catholic College, Plan a Journey Workshop 15.3.22


“10/10 I would say each activity was perfectly pitched and organised. Timing and change over ran smoothly.”

Mr Howitt – Y6 Teacher,  West Park School  – Durrington to Littlehampton Station visit and trip 8.11.21


“10/10 Sharon gave very clear explanations about key safety issues regarding rail safety and travel. The rail safety session (at the station) was really useful for the students to then practise what they had learnt in the classroom.”

Ben Gubb – Teacher/Asst. Head of The Lindfield School  – Try a Train 5.5.22 


“Some children have never been on a train before so it has given them the confidence to travel by train in the future… Really great having a longer train trip – young people loved it!”

SAFE! Charity  – Try a Train 27.10.21


“A fabulous trip that was very well run – our children were excited and learned a lot throughout.”

Damian Jones – Y6 Teacher, West Park School  – Durrington to Littlehampton Station visit and trip 8.11.21


“10/10 Real life experience. Clear and detailed information and instructions. An excellent event which was at an appropriate level for our learners to understand. An enriching learning opportunity.”

Rebecca – Teacher, Hazel Court Secondary School, Try a Train 13.6.22


“10/10   Buying tickets was very real life for them.  Activities were perfect length and were really engaging.”

Jenny Wallace – Y6 Teacher, Balfour Primary School – Station visit 17.5.22


“10/10 Children were active participants through the entire workshop. Their attention and interest were fully captured. The use of the IWB made it visual and clear to understand. Wonderful resources that the children enjoyed using.”

Mrs Laura McGrath – Y6 Teacher, Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Plan a Journey/Rail Safety Workshop – 19.5.22


“10/10 Very comprehensive presentation on all aspects of travelling by train. Links to student experiences. Good real life examples… Health and safety concerns really well thought through. A very smooth experience.”

Carolyn Hare – Teacher,  Hawthorns Primary School, Go Train Workshop 4.7.22 and visit to Reading Station –  6.7.22 


“10/10 Maddy was excellent with customers.  It’s a brilliant initiative. She fully explained the service and emergency/practical information.”

Surrey Choices – Employ Ability – Try a Train 31.1.22


“10/10 Students allowed to discuss train travel and felt able to share thoughts and ideas. Students also learnt terminology with regards to different types of tickets and how to plan a journey. Students enjoyed the session and able to see the purpose of what was discussed. Good delivery.”

Clive Barber – Y12 teacher (SEN), Headstart School, Plan a Journey Workshop 16.5.22


“10/10 Students now have a greater understanding of where and how to get tickets, how to find out where to get on the train and more about getting on and off a train…Maddy pitched the whole event at exactly the right level for all our students.”

Avenue – Try a Train 1.7.22


“10/10 We liked the fact that the Education Officer comes into school first, meets the students and does a lesson with them and then we all go out on the train.  Made the students more settled and familiar with Maddy, a new person to them.”

Woodfield School (post 16) – Try a Train 16.3.22


“10/10 The best part of the workshop was the discussions between Maddy and the class. The interactions were engaging and inclusive… Really helpful information regarding safety and general knowledge for using the train sensibly.”

Miss D Speirs – Y6 Teacher, St John’s CE Primary School – Go Train Workshop 5.7.22


“10/10 They have learned how to use the train and enjoyed it! A really enjoyable experience. Sharon was amazing with the students. This is a really good service.”

Harry – Group Leader, Headstart School (pre 16s)  – Try a Train 15.6.22


“10/10 Sharon was brilliant with the SEN pupils and the PowerPoint was great for them. Fantastic visuals. Lots of patience was needed and given.”

 Lisa Fuller – Hazel Court FE College – Y12-14 Refresher Workshop 12.7.22


“10/10 – Encouraging curiosity from the children. Making them think about climate issues in a different light and they way they themselves can contribute to sustainability… Collaborative, informative and engaging.”

Mrs Woollard – Y5/6 Teacher, New Town Primary School, Go Train Workshop 7.7.22


“10/10 Great life skills for the children, great advice, great pitch of the workshop, linked to current times, spoke on the children’s level. Good classroom awareness and great with all pupils. It was a very unique experience which the children wouldn’t have had before.”

Laura Chamberlin – Y6 Teacher, Guildford Grove Primary School – Go Train Workshop 13.6.22


“10/10 Physical participation as well as interaction. This really engaged the students and kept them focused. Amazing session – lots of information. Thank you.”

Maryann Venables – The Lindfield School, Y11 SEN – Sustainable Travel Workshop 24.3.22


“10/10 Brilliant in class sessions and when we went on the train the pupils were given work to do at the station – perfect pitch and learning. Brilliant training – brilliant staff!”

Karen Lindsay – Teacher Hazel Court Secondary School (SEN group) Try a Train  6.6.22


“10/10 Sharon made sure the pupils understood the process and safety requirements of catching the train. It has been an invaluable experience for our vulnerable young adults.  Repeating and extending the learning done so far will be essential in ensuring the progress pupils have made so far, is not lost.”

Toby Patton – Teacher, Hazel Court FE College – Try a Train 14.7.22





“10/10 I have got more help and am more confident with travelling. My best part was going on the train and learning the different times of the train and the platform.”

“10/10 I was not as confident but now got loads of confidence.”

Students from Avenue School, Try a Train 1.7.22


“Even though this was my second time I still learnt new things. The best part was reading the Braille on the Assistance hinge flap.”

“10/10 It has helped me a lot – it has been really interesting to know all these facts about the train and how accessible it is.”

“10/10 I found out about Braille, I need to use the ramp and that you can ask for help. The best parts were the train quiz, the train moving and the train announcements.”

Participants from Berkshire Vision – Try a Train 1.6.22


“10/10 It has helped me build up confidence with going on the train. The best part was knowing the info from scratch and learning about how to get to each train.”

Participant from Surrey Choices – Try a Train 8.11.21


“At first I was scared of trains. This ride has made me more confident about trains and riding them”

“10/10 This train ride experience was incredibly fun and I am a lot more confident about using the trains to go somewhere.”

Participant from SAFE    Try a Train –  27.10.21


“The best part was being on the train – I liked the whole journey.”

“The tunnel on the train and the tunnel in the aquarium!”

Students from Hazel Court FE College – Try a Train 14.7.22


“I had never used a train before so using the train for the first time went well so next time I don’t think it will be that bad.”

Participant from SAFE    Try a Train –  17.8.21


“This will help with my travelling to college.”

“The best part was freedom!” (Freedom to travel)

Students from The Lindfield School – Try a Train 5.5.22


“Being independent is important…”

Student from Hazel Court Secondary School – Try a Train 6.6.22


“I liked buying tickets at Hampden Park station.”

Student from Hazel Court FE College – Try a Train 8.3.22