Despite initial plans to cut CRP funding by 25% funding, after considerable lobbying, funding has been restored by our TOCs (although no inflation increases, so still a cut in real terms). After a difficult few months , we were able to finally set a budget for the year at the 70th SCRP Board Meeting on 26th September 2023. Tim Barkley, Chair of SCRP CIC,  steered us through these difficult times with the support of his fellow Directors and the staff team. The SCRP AGM saw the re-election of Tim Barkley as Chair, Cllr Bob Lanzer as Vice -Chair and Philip Ayers as Finance Director.

Community Rail provides a vital link for communities to connect to their local rail services. Southeast Community Rail Partnership has been the “glue” takes up community ideas and makes them happen. Our fundraising efforts with Community Rail Network and Railway Heritage Trust in partnership with local groups, restores and returns underused buildings back to community use, supports young people and those less confident to give trains a try, accessing our wonderful countryside for wellbeing and enjoying our many local attractions. Every station is a destination and we work with local businesses and tourist groups to enhance this vital part of the local economy. As well as major projects, we do the little things that can make all the difference, from improving signage to and from railway stations, making bus, walking and cycling connections easier. We support over 250 volunteers who use their local expertise and skills to create beautiful wildlife friendly gardens and highlight local heroes through information boards and events.  This is the DfT strategy for trains and we have consistently delivered on all four of its pillars. See our Annual Review for more details

Picture: Tim Barkley SCRP CIC Chair of Directors