On a very wet Friday 6th November, Redhill station was invaded by a group of young people and some adult helpers determined to have some fun and give the station a splash of colour.  Four large, wooden planters have been installed at the ends of the platforms and filled with a riot of colourful plants.  Despite the weather they all worked tirelessly throughout the day and many were caked in mud by the time they finished.  A great effort that brought many members of the local community together.

We hope that the passengers at Redhill station appreciate their hard work and that the plants bring some cheer whilst waiting for their trains.

As with most of these projects a lot of forward planning was involved and none of it could have happened without help from the local community.  From the station staff who helped by shifting (the extremely heavy) planters and marshalling the children, to the Southern train crew mess room staff who found a place for the children to have their lunch and made the adults cups of tea.  (A planned picnic in the local park had to be cancelled due to the weather).  The staff from KPS who delivered the free compost and were then roped into transferring it to the platforms.   And of course to Southern  and Association of Community Rail Partnerships for generously funding the project.

Phase two will follow shortly – watch this space!