Learning how to use a train timetable

Learning how to use a train timetable

Rail Travel Workshops for Year 6

Sussex Community Rail Partnership and GTR Southern Railway have got together to deliver a project called Go Learn, which has a number of modules related to travelling by train.

There is now the opportunity for you to book a workshop for Year 6 pupils to help them to develop confidence and skills for independent travel on public transport. The content for these 1 hour long, free workshops is as follows:

Planning a journey – Timetables, maps, tickets

How to stay safe – Safety on the train and personal safety

Why take the train? – Sustainable transport

Angie has a teaching background and keeps the workshops as interactive as possible so that the children are engaged and stimulated. Following on from the workshops you might be interested in doing a Station Visit to include a train ride with the possibility of further projects in the future that may involve artwork for the local stations, poetry on the line and station gardening projects.

Sussex Community Rail Partnership has worked with West Sussex schools in a previous project and the overall conclusion of the project findings was that the project has had a real benefit in making young people more aware of the advantages of using rail travel and giving them the confidence and skills to use rail services in the future.

The workshops start this Autumn term and can be booked right through to next July, so if you would like to book a workshop please contact Angie by email: