This week Southeast Communities Rail Partnership (SCRP) has been visiting Year 6 children from Milton Mount Primary school in Crawley to talk about the importance of sustainable and healthy travel, as part of the ‘Great Big Green Week’ initiative.
Cath Reed, Go Learn Education Officer, said “ Great Big Green Week has allowed us to educate and inform children about sustainable and healthy transport options. If more children and young people can be encouraged to use public transport or ride a bike rather than travel by car this will make a huge difference to our environment.”
Maddy Mills, Go Train Education Officer, added: “It is vital that we encourage children to think about the environment as it will go an enormous way to helping relieve congestion, reduce carbon dioxide and improve air quality as they grow up. As part of its commitment to reducing emissions and decarbonising transport, the government has said it is keen for people to use cars less and make greater use of public transport, shared and active travel. The railway has a critical role to play in this, with rail shown to produce some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.
“These workshops are delivered free to Year 6 pupils alongside ‘Planning a journey’ and ‘Try a train’ activities to actively encourage young people to use the Train. We are also looking for schools to get involved in our “Go Green by Train “ week October 18th to 22nd.”
Miss Libby Laughton one of the class teachers at Milton Mount commented that the classes enjoyed the “pace of the lesson with some great physical activity and practical tasks”.

If you would like to find out more contact:
Cath Reed

Community Rail Education Officer

Mobile 07535 511718