We have a Leap day every 4 years, it falls on a Saturday once in 28 so before we’re all too old let’s commemorate a past Leap Day event from 1892 !

Railwayman Henry Wicks, a guard on a goods train, was unfortunately killed in an accident on February 29th 1892 between Gomshall and Chilworth stations on the North Downs Line. His daughter-in-law, Jessie, planted a yew tree in his memory very close to the spot where he died and since then the tree has been shaped into a pheasant sitting on a seat. Hence Jessie’s Seat was created and named. https://www.networkrail.co.uk/stories/people-and-the-railway-jessies-seat/

In commemoration of the event, GWR is running a special train this Leap Day so that people can learn more about the incident, linger by Jessie’s Seat rather than passing at speed and enjoy the Surrey Hills.

Tickets are limited so contact david@sussexcrp.org as soon as possible if you’d like to join us.