Free Office Furniture, Gizmos, Gadgets and Accessories

Cat Fletcher, Brighton & Hove Community Works’ Sustainability Rep, is clearing a big council building in Hove and has a mountain of office stuff available for free. Cat has been stockpiling and organising about 200 tonnes of goods all year so it can be reused. Brighton & Hove City Council would like voluntary and community sector organisations to have priority in receiving this stuff – and the offer is open to groups in Lewes District, Eastbourne, and Wealden. There are hundreds of large corner desks (NO small desks!) and hundreds of office drawer units (under-desk or desk-level height), metal shelving, hole punches, staplers, plastic in-trays, cardboard folders, keyboards, mice, plastic wallets and folders, tables and storage cupboards, book cases, 6,000 ring binders, noticeboards, whiteboards, frames, stationery, telephones, pens, magazine holders, display boards, books, filing cabinets, safes, under-counter fridges, 500+ cups/mugs, 100+ fans, round meeting tables, fax machines, hundreds of office swivel chairs, paperclips, etc. If you’d like some items for your organisation or clients please email Cat Fletcher at to get the address and book a time to come and select things. Please come with a wish list of what you want and an idea of sizes – otherwise you will be overwhelmed! You will be allocated half an hour to view stuff and then you can take things at that time or mark things up and then arrange a collection for a later date. Viewing/collection is possible Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. If you have a need for something not listed, please ask Cat as she has a zillion things available!