Sign of (old) times at Eridge station


During recent months Eridge station has seen a real facelift, with many improvements made by both Network Rail and Southern, the local train operating company

One recent addition to the station is a beautiful piece of artwork commissioned by Rotherfield Parish Council, which has now gone on display for all to enjoy.  Rotherfield Parish Council funded the £1,500 mural as part of the regeneration plan for the station, which includes improved access, complete redecoration, and the refurbishment of a disused platform waiting room. It was the idea of former parish councillor Adam Hardy and Sharon Gray from the Southeast Communities Rail Partnership and is the work of local artist, historical railway enthusiast and retired signwriter, David Peacock.

The mural, which measures eight feet by four feet, took Mr Peacock several weeks from start to finish but was almost a labour of love as he has a keen interest in railways and local history.

David said “I started work in 1957 as a “studio boy” in a London advertising agency and worked mainly  on press advertising until the 1980s. I then switched to traditional signwriting for the next 40 years and also did line-drawing illustrations sold as prints. My early commuting days were by steam locomotive and I retain a great affection for them, though sadly we don’t have a line or station in Rotherfield any more.”

Sharon Gray added “We are really grateful for the generosity of the Parish Council, this stunning artwork will be enjoyed by all who visit and is a great addition to the heritage status of this beautiful station.”