When SNC Forestry Limited were commissioned to undertake tree work at Arundel Station,  Network Rail Public Affairs Manager, Harry Stevenson, saw this as an an opportunity to help the station adopters from Greening Arundel who have taken on an enormous task to enhance the vegetation areas around the station.

Three trees were deemed dangerous, requiring complete removal,  while others were cut back to reflect public safety issues, as well as to let in more light for the plants.  Steve and the team from SNC Forestry were extremely conscientious in minimising the disturbance to the plants in bloom (mostly daffodils) and left all the wood chips, which the volunteers can put to good use.

Around the same time, primary school children in Arundel were busy planting out saplings bought from the Woodland Trust. Some of these sapling may be used to take the place of the trees which had to be removed.