Members of Ore Transport Group are working with the Sussex Community Rail Partnership (SCRP) to make improvements to Ore Railway Station. Having installed six planters to brighten up the platform, they needed some gardening equipment to realise their next aim-to create a small community garden near the platform entrance.

Trevor Davies of Ore Transport Group decided to apply to the Park Lane Group Giveaway and was delighted to receive a cheque from the local fund which will help the group buy spades and forks for all the volunteers.

According to Kevin Barry the Community Rail Development Officer for the Marshlink line ” We’re very grateful to the Park Lane Group for their generous donation. Community rail groups are, as their name suggest, all about the community, and the support of local companies is invaluable.

“The money will help us establish a community garden at Ore station that everyone can enjoy by commuters and visitors to the station”

Trevor Davies of The Ore Transport Group, is seen receiving the cheque from Fiona Taylor of the Park Lane Group