London Road Station is getting a bit of a make-over. A mosaic on the underpass wall will be unveiled on Friday 22nd August.

It’s the work of a group of 16-17 year old volunteers from the National Citizen Service working in partnership with Albion in the Community and London Road Station Partnership, Southern and Sussex CRP to renovate London Road Station, focusing on designing and installing the mosaic in the previously plain underpass.

This week has been a fantastic experience for the volunteers, with members of the team remarking ‘it was hard work but completely worth it’ (Omkar, 16), ‘I’ve learnt so many valuable skills here, and I’ve done something that’ll leave my mark in my community’ (Izzy, 17) and ‘I hope that our work here will bring vibrancy to the area, and maybe even inspire others to volunteer as we have!’ (Ethan, 16)

On this Friday the 22nd from 3pm to 4.30pm, the team, along with London Road Station Partnership, will be holding a small celebration of the work that they have done during this week, which will involve officially opening the mosaic and a tea party with local cakes.