Latest news from Network Rail on the replacement footbridge at Eridge station

We’ll be removing and demolishing the existing staircases and bridge at Eridge station, replacing it with a new modern-designed footbridge. In addition, we will be refurbishing the platform canopies to improve the overall passenger experience for those using the line to commute to London or visiting the Spa Valley Railway. The project will take place from now until the end of September.



Before we begin the work of removing the existing footbridge, we will also be creating a customer diversion route at the station. This is to ensure that there is a safe walking route for passengers boarding and alighting services on Platform 1 only. There will be no transition available between Platform 1 and 2 for the duration of the project. We will also be ensuring there are transfers in place to take passengers safely from the front of the station to the car park, which will be implemented from Monday 29th June.


Work schedule

We will be issuing a letter to properties that are nearby to the station this week to inform them of the works and when specifically work will be taking place overnight. The work does involve some line closures, which are listed below for your information.


Date Time Work to be carried out 
27 June – 29 June 2020 00:50 to 04:15 24-hour a day working between these times and dates


Removal and demolition of existing staircases and footbridge

4 July – 6 July 2020 00:50 to 04:15


24-hour a day working between these times and dates


Platform piling

12 July – 13 July 2020 01:05 – 04:00


24-hour a day working between these times and dates


Platform piling

2 August 2020 00:20 – 08:25 Platform piling


There are no planned delays to the schedule of works with the new footbridge being lifted in at the beginning of September.


Delivering the highest standards of safety is paramount to our work and keeping people safe on and around the railway is at the heart of everything we do.  Often, work needs to be carried out while trains aren’t running. We’re obliged to work, whenever possible, at times that cause the least disruption to train services. Unfortunately, this means carrying out a lot of our improvements during the night and at weekends.


Due to the nature of the work and the tools we use, some disturbance will be unavoidable. Resident may also hear train horns being sounded; this is because we need to alert staff on track, of all train movements in the area. We’re sorry for any disturbance and inconvenience this causes you.  All staff working on site are fully briefed on working responsibly in the local community and keeping noise levels to an absolute minimum level.