On 17 October East Grinstead station welcomed a volunteer team from the DfT who had come to help clear the station’s extensive flower beds.  The long, very hot summer had caused a lot of growth but had also damaged a many of the plants, our Station Partner Andrew Morris had been left with an enormous task to battle the beds back to their former prize winning glory.  Help was desperately needed so the DfT’s Rail Digital Services team stepped in and spent a day chopping, weeding, clearing, sweeping and bagging up great piles of garden waste.   The station staff as usual, couldn’t have been more helpful and welcoming even when we trampled mud through their immaculate station and the station coffee shop joined in by offering a huge discount on elevenses.  Social media ‘liked’ the activity, passers-by stopped to chat and congratulate the team on their hard work with one lady even handing a tub of chocolates to the workers as a thank you.

A great day and hopefully not too many sore backs the morning after!