Sussex Community Rail Partnership (SCRP) strives to connect communities and their railway and to enhance wellbeing, sustainability and community development. We are immensely proud how this has been achieved through collaborative working with station partners, GTR, Network Rail, GWR, SWR and led by our incredible team of Line Officers.


Community is all about bringing people together. Across our network stations have been brought alive by the works of our amazing station partners providing a welcome distraction on the platforms with beautiful flower displays and momentous art works. This has brought the generations together and opened up many a talking point among commuters, day trippers and other travellers.


In these unprecedented times we must temporarily change the way in which we operate to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our partners, staff and the travelling public.

This doesn’t mean that we still can’t fulfil our aims and achieve the goals of connecting communities. It just means that we may need to do this slightly differently for the very near future.


Our priorities are to maintain the well-being of our staff and volunteers and protect the public.  Therefore, it is with very considerable regret that we have had to pause all of our station activities.


We have an education programme for schools, “Go Learn” where we work with Y6 children about rail safety and introduce many to rail and bus travel.  We also seek out groups who would not usually use sustainable travel through “Try a Train” programme to develop confidence about using public transport.  Again, very regrettably, we have had to suspend both programmes until further notice. We are looking for ways to offer something to the hub schools or pick up those children who missed out after they return to school.


Our Line Officers will be keeping in contact with all our volunteers and making sure we all stay connected, hale and hearty. Through their local knowledge, Line Officers can signpost to trusted sources of help for those that need it. Plans are afoot for exciting activities to take place in the Autumn.  We are always interested in in great ideas that support our aims to promote sustainable travel.   Now is the time to share your great ideas with us.  So, if you have an idea to involve the local community to complete a piece of artwork, showcase a local hero or other inspiring proposals, do get in touch.