GTR Coastal Maintenance team members have made good use of some grit bins and pallet wood which were destined for landfill.  They met with station partners, the Friends of Angmering Station (FOAS) who had put out a plea for one of their garden areas to be made good, following the removal of a large tree.

The project was jointly planned, and the maintenance team removed all the weeds, laid a weed reducing membrane, which was then covered bark chippings.  Wooden pallets were fashioned into fence panels, painted and black plastic adhered to the back before installing to create an attractive backing to the platform garden, hiding the unsightly chainlink fence.  Posts were installed so that FOAS volunteers could add birdboxes, bug hotels and bee houses.

The 2 grit bins were cleaned and painted white, drainage holes drilled and shingle put in the bottom, followed by topsoil for planting.

James Fallick, GTR Coastal Maintenance said:

This has been an interesting project for the team and hope it meets the expectations of everyone involved. I’m really pleased we have managed to recycle/upcycle as much material as we have within the project.”

The platform garden designed to be a bee and bug haven before the renovation project.