As part of the ‘Community Rail congratulates Her Majesty’ collaborative project along the West Coast network, one station partner, Southway School at Bognor Regis asked Year 3 pupils to design some crowns to display at the station.

The pupils created some beautiful designs, using the pointillism style – lots of dots to paint, rather than brushstokes.

Unfortunately, it then transpired that their usual showplace, the waiting room at Bognor Regis station was not in use, and would not be available for the Platinum Jubilee period.

However, salvation came from Sophie, manager at Hi-Coffee café at Bognor Regis station.  The café was already involved in the Community Rail project, displaying the themed artwork on their windows.  Sophie was happy to offer space both inside the café on the community noticeboard, and also on the windows, so that the school pupils could put on a great display for visitors to the station.