Sustainable & Healthy Travel Workshop (Yr 6) Sussex

This free interactive workshop, which promotes sustainable and healthy travel, aims to encourages Year 6 pupils to think about their transport choices and how these choices impact on their health and their environment.  The workshop is an hour long and covers:

Congestion & Pollution Activity

What is congestion? What is pollution?  What car exhaust chemicals are good / bad for our health?

London to Edinburgh Travel Game

How long will it take a plane, train, diesel car, petrol car, electric car and bicycle to travel from London to Edinburgh?  Which form of transport will emit the most CO2 emissions on this journey?

Buses and Biofuels video

This video, produced by the California Academy of Sciences, forms the basis of a discussion around different methods of powering our vehicles.

Healthy Travel Game

What forms of transport are best for our health?  Is it walking?  Or an electric car?  Or a diesel powered train?

Safety Game

Which forms of travel are the most dangerous?

Stay Safe Activity

Following on from the previous activity we want pupils to think about how they can stay safe on the roads when they walk or cycle to school.

This workshop can be delivered in your classroom by our Education Officer or online via Zoom.

To book your workshop please contact:

Cath Reed – Education Officer / 07535 511718