Our journey across our Community Rail lines looking at venues and locations with connections to the Coronation has included one end of the Windsor-Reading Line with Windsor Castle.

Now it’s time to journey to the other end and look at Reading Abbey Quarter which encompasses the former grounds of Reading Abbey.

King Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, had Reading Abbey built in the 12th century to be his mausoleum. In 1121, King Henry I announced that he wanted to have a new abbey built at Reading.

The Abbey would have had a large and impressive church and living quarters for dozens of monks who would worship in the church. No expense was spared in its construction.

The Abbey Quarter covers the former precinct of this royal monastery.

The museum and Abbey Quarter are only a two minute walk from Reading railway station and main bus stops. Visitors are recommended to use public transport and taking the train from central London emits 68% less in greenhouse gases than driving a car on the same journey.

Please check with the venue for opening times and directions.

Mock train ticket showing environmental saving of 68% in greenhouse gas emissions from taking the train rather than driving a car from central London to Reading station on the Windsor to Reading line to visit Reading Abbey