The Joy of Train Travel

Giving young adults a new and exciting experience

July 17, 2022

The Challenge

This was an end of term return visit to Hazel Court FE College to give the year 12 – 14 students a refresher session on planning a journey and keeping safe on the railways. Several of these young adults were due to leave college this summer to embark upon vocational courses and other life paths.  These more confident students had chosen to plan a trip to London.

One student stated, “putting my ticket in the machine at the barrier was scary to begin with but then it was fun!”

What we did

Key Impacts

All students planned their own journey
On the trip most students identified and located stations on the maps
All students said they would like to travel by train again - with friends

These students had previously enjoyed a Try a Train experience and station visit to Brighton so were ready for a longer trip to visit the Science Museum in London. During the specially prepared workshop we worked together to plan their journey from Hampden Park to London Victoria. They were able to use the Trainline website to look up the most suitable train journeys. They had to consider important factors such as leaving after 9.30am and returning before 5pm. We discussed what they would need to bring for their trip.  It was evident that many of these young adults were able to recall previous knowledge to help them plan their big day out.  They were excited about using the London Underground and incorporated a walk from college to their local station to ensure the most active and sustainable way to get there.

We  revisited the safety elements whilst at the station to enable the  students to consolidate their learning.   Once at London Victoria, they were able to experience a much larger station with many more platforms than at Hampden Park.  Despite the crowds, they successfully negotiated the underground ticket barriers and commented on the fact that they could stand on the tube train to South Kensington.

We then spent several fun filled hours exploring the Science Museum before our return journey home.

This trip provided students with a new experience of travel further afield, building their confidence to use the trains independently.

All students agreed that they had enjoyed their day out.

" Pupils have gained knowledge and confidence to use the trains independently."

Toby Patton - FE Teacher
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