Journeying On from Seaford

Improved signs and travel information for rail passengers

August 22, 2023

The Challenge

Line officer discussions with Seaford ticket office staff indicated they were often providing travel directions to passengers arriving by train for onward journeys to the Seven Sisters and other tourist areas.

The challenge was to bring funders, partners and supporters together to produce better signs and travel directions to direct rail passengers to services and venues in Seaford town as well as helping them on their way to locations further east.

Better signs and onward travel information

What we did

Key Impacts

Improved signage
Integrated travel
Sustainable travel

The project was the initiative of Southeast Communities Rail Partnership.

It was funded with a grant from Community Rail Network to support integrated and sustainable transport along with partners Living Streets and CoMoUK as well as Department for Transport. Additional funding came from South Downs National Park Authority and Southeast Communities Rail Partnership.

This paid for an integrated travel map on the station platform, double-sided leaflets available from the ticket office and Town Council offices plus ‘Welcome to Seaford’ window vinyls at the station exit.

Project partners were Brighton & Hove Buses, Seaford Town Council, Seaford Community Partnership and Southern Railway. The map and leaflets were designed and produced by Riffle & Pool Press.


“Seaford railway station is such a wonderful steppingstone into the National Park and this project has really enhanced the information and resources we’re offering visitors.”

Emily Summers-Mileman, South Downs National Park Authority
For more information contact Paul Bromley Sussex Downs Line officer paul@southeastcrp.org 07949 314233
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