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Independent Train Travel Training with Hazelcourt FE College

The Challenge

ITTT began with Hazelcourt FE College with successful workshops and ‘Try a Train’ trips in 2018. Building on what had been learnt previously I was invited to return to deliver 2 workshops on Planning a Journey and Rail Safety in 2019. The students were then given the choice of where they would like to travel to for their ‘Try a Train’

The workshops were based on the Entry Level BTEC Foundation module ‘Using Public Transport’ but adapted for the students of Hazelcourt some of whom have complex needs. The students were split into two groups for the purposes of the workshops and journey based on the previous years experience. Group 1 students were likely to be travelling totally independently by train in the future to reach college or work and Group 2 would need assistance from a carer.

What we did

Key Impacts

26 students with varying needs participated
98% participant satisfaction with the ITTT training
100% felt more confident to travel by train again

The groups participated in the workshops over 2 weeks and then chose to travel to Brighton or Hastings. The students arrived at Hampden Park Station either on foot or minibus and we discussed door to door transport choices.

Southern Rail Staff assisted us with practising purchasing tickets at the office and  wheelchair access to the train. Putting theory into practice we looked at information points and safety on the platform and boarded the train.

During the journey the students completed worksheets on rail safety. On arriving the students practiced passing through the rail barriers and using their tickets.

Students and staff commented they both felt more confident in going on further journeys. Staff have given very positive feedback and highlighted the amazing amount of information some students had retained from the previous years training.

I asked for my own ticket – an adult return to Brighton please

For more information contact Catherine Simmons Community Lines Team Manager catherine@southeastcrp.org 07375531987
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