Save the date: our Community Rail station partner Brighton Toy and Model Museum has a special Running Day on Saturday 25 March when visitors will be able to get up close and personal to the wonderful array of toys and models.
The theme for the day is the Coronation and ‘Silver King’ will be among the locomotives running that day.
This particular Bassett-Lowke model is rather special, in that, although the model was in the company catalogues for some years, and is/was highly desirable, the high cost of the model combined with the fact that the LNER changed the default livery for new A4s after only perhaps a year or two, meant that very few were ever sold.
Bassett-Lowke only seems to have ever made a single batch of six of these models, and this example is the very first of the batch (number 1 of 6). This probably makes this particular model the first commercial (i.e. not special-order) gauge 0 streamliner model produced by or for Bassett-Lowke.
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Model train on tracks at musuem