A new exhibition of various artworks has been put in place in the waiting rooms at Lewes station.

The work forms part of Art on the Line and is by students from University College Hastings, part of East Sussex College.

Lily Humphries has produced a series of pictures on the theme of fruit.

She said: “I specialise in product photography. I have always been interested in texture, detail, shape, tone and highlights. When experimenting in the first year of my degree, I enjoyed using multiple exposure. This allowed me to create interesting textures through post production and layering where I discovered digital manipulation. Learning these new skills has opened my eyes to the work that goes on behind the scenes of magical still life photographs that we are surrounded by. 

“I enjoy creating magical whimsical photographs that appear to be defying gravity, like a captured moment before everything falls.”

Callum Smith, a degree student studying Photography, specialises in landscape photography.

He commented: “I hope people can come to enjoy the tranquil yet mysterious aura of my photographs, experimenting with contrast and darkness. It has been a fun endeavour that has taught me a lot, and I hope people will enjoy the final set of images.”

The overall theme of the exhibition is ‘Seeing Through Monochrome’ and Luan Gray’s work depicts dogs in a series of black and white photographs.

He said: “I have always liked the relationship between dogs and men.  I like how a man shows his sensitivity in front of a dog, how he caresses, how he communicates with his dog. The connection that I feel between a dog and a man is reflected in this exhibition with monochrome photographs of dogs together with their owners.”

The students have compiled their portfolios on a website to view the images in greater detail. Or just pop into one of the waiting rooms at Lewes station to see them in position. They certainly make waiting for a train more enjoyable.


Montage of various framed photos showing fruit and street scenes by students at University Centre Hastings