In #communityrailweek,  volunteers from the Village Hotel came over to Farnborough North and worked on this amazing #heritage fence and gate. Owned by Network Rail, it was specially installed to let the carriage of Queen Victoria in and out when she came to visit her friend Empress Eugenie. This was effectively an early example of “integrated transport”!

One panel took a whole morning of work, so this task could take 400 man hours to complete. SCRP Community Rail Office, Caroline Salmon, gave a hand and used her knowledge of renovating old properties to encourage them to go back to solid metal and clear soil away at ground level,  before the metal was primed.

Painted in the GWR dark green and silver,  the gates are going to look fabulous.

If anyone local has a small horse and carriage that could be run it through the gates when they are completed  – please let Caroline know!

The Village Hotel provided great volunteers to work on Farnborough North's Heritage fence