Bus Back Better engagement survey


A bus service improvement plan is being developed by West Sussex County Council together with bus companies and other partners to explore ways to help sustain and improve bus travel in West Sussex. The initiative is in line with the Government’s new National Bus Strategy – Bus Back Better – which has pledged £3billion in funding across the country (outside London) to help deliver these plans.


As part of this, we want to hear opinions on what would improve local bus services and what would make people use buses more. We are keen to hear from people of all ages who already use buses and those who do not.


The survey is available online at http://yourvoice.westsussex.gov.uk/busbackbetter


Paper copies are available from local libraries or by calling 01243 642105


We would appreciate your help in promoting this survey wherever appropriate. You can also email any comments or feedback on behalf of your organisation to transporthub@westsussex.gov.uk


The closing date for the survey is 14 September 2021.