On 22 June the town of Uckfield held its Annual Uckfield Children’s Safety Day.  This regular event is organised by the town with the hope of teaching their children how to keep themselves safe.  The town’s central park is turned into a fun learning zone with various agencies attending to help spread the safety message.  352 year 3 and 4 children from ten local schools attended (although it seemed like many more) and had a great day learning, having fun and collecting a variety of freebies handed out by the stands.

Sussex Community Rail Partnership joined with the PCSO’s to play a fun game of ‘traffic light run a round’.  The children were asked a number of questions and had to run to the traffic light they thought had the correct answer for example:

Does the electricity get turned off on Christmas Day?

How many football pitch lengths does it take for a train to stop?

Why should you stand behind the yellow line?

Donna Anderson our local Southern Manager added her support by spending the day helping to man the stand, working with the children and teachers and meeting various locals including the town’s Mayor Cllr Louise Eastwood.

Other attendees were: Waitrose,  East Sussex Highways, Radio Uckfield, British Transport Police, Police CCTV van, Southern’s Community PCSO’s, Sussex CRP,  Network Rail, Fire Service, a vintage car and a vintage steam roller (you had better learn to give one of those a wide berth!).