A very rewarding Try a Train with HOPE-G (Hastings Older Persons Ethnic Group) this week from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells alongside SER Community Engagement Manager Matt Fraser. Five of the nine members of the group had not travelled by train since the pandemic so this was a great opportunity to Try a Train trip in a supported way with friends.

Hope – G aims to provide a voice for predominantly, but not exclusively, black and minority ethnic (BME) older people (50+) in East Sussex. Speaking up about health, social care, economic and community issues that affect senior people from all BME and religious backgrounds. At Hope – G aim to provide a voice for senior people to engage with statutory bodies and contribute to improvements in services.

The group of which has been running for 13 years with chair Julia Wells in post for the last 12 normally travel once or twice a year together for excursions and meet monthly to discuss a variety of topics. Many members have few families members or support network so the group can aims to reduce social isolation amongst its community.