Three Little Words is a new project at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Installed at the Discovery Centre and Gooders Hide, the project will move around the reserve inviting three word responses from visitors, staff and volunteers, to each location and views through the windows – you are invited to share your three words of what each view means to you.

Inspired by the What3Words app, a location tool that maps each three metre square plot around the world into a unique combination of three words, Three Little Words is about capturing your three words for different locations around Rye Harbour. They will be collated and compiled at the end of the summer with plans for a further project that celebrates Rye Harbour.

You can contribute online, from the photographs shared and films and sound recordings in links, or you can add your three words in person by writing them on a luggage tag and hanging them to any of the sites the project is installed (currently Discovery Centre/Lime Kiln Cafe and Gooders Hide).

South Eastern Community Rail Partnership Marshlink Line Officer Catherine Simmons will be hosting a pop up Three Little Words at Rye train station on Monday 15th August to link into the project and encourage sustainable active travel to the reserve. Watch this space!