North Downs Line Officer David Daniels ventured out of his home office on Monday April 26th to visit Reg’s Garden at Farnborough North. What changes the volunteers have made in the last 6 months ! Much of the clearance work has been done, dead trees removed and benches built by a team of volunteers which has averaged some 85 hours per month over the last year.

Beehives at Farnborough North




Garden Project Lead Mike Knott can be rightly proud of what has been achieved by the volunteers with the assistance of the local community and sponsorship from GWR. Most of the allotments have been allocated, planters sponsored and beehives situated at the end of the garden.

There’s still more to be done, including the laying of a gravel pathway and further bramble clearance to make way for the allotments. In the next few weeks an adventure trail will be laid through the trees to tempt the children.

Since the gates opened there have been many visitors to the garden as more people hear about the project, some of whom have gone on to become volunteers and join the local Residents Association. It has certainly been a great way to bring the community together and introduce people to a hitherto unknown oasis of calm between the North Downs Line and the busy A331.