On 6th July Southern arranged a station partnership event partly to say thank you to the station partners and partly to inform others within Southern of the important contribution the station partners make towards the environment at the stations.

The day started with people travelling  from far and wide to Eridge station to join a Spa Valley train, a great opportunity for the visitors to enjoy this beautiful station and admire all the hard work that the Spa Valley Railway volunteers put into looking after the station.  Then it was off on the heritage train to Tunbridge Wells West station for some refreshments, a visit to the engine shed and a quick look around.  Back onto the train to enjoy the full length of the Spa Valley  to take in the scenery, past the High Rocks Halt and onto Groombridge station where a picnic lunch was served and we all got a chance to get to know each other, chat about current and future projects, any issues, how to work around them and just enjoy the sun.   In no time at all it was back on the train to Eridge for our visitors to catch their trains back home.

This event gave us a wonderful opportunity to speak to people we would never normally have a chance to meet, it helped enthuse some to see what can be done, what is possible and add to our already extensive network within the industry.

Congratulations to Southern’s Andy Harrowell for organising a wonderful event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.