The YMCA are a standout presence in the Redhill area, on top of all the amazing projects they run in the area working with children, young people, families, sports facilities, walking groups, art clubs – the list goes on and on, they are also Station Partners at Redhill station.  Their members run a gardening project at the station and are responsible for the station’s  bright, colourful photo-art project and a similar project at Earlswood station.  This year they are celebrating a special anniversary so we would like to add our congratulations and thank them for their continued support of Community Rail.


In 2020, YMCA East Surrey celebrates its 150th anniversary in Redhill. That means 150 years of supporting the vulnerable and the disadvantaged in our community.  From humble beginnings all those years ago, they have grown and changed, becoming the vibrant local charity they are today.  To mark this special anniversary, they would love local companies to get involved with them.

This is an appeal to the local business community

Would your company like to help make a difference?

A Charity of the Year Partnership is a great way to take part in something fun or challenging, while making a real impact within the community. It is also about so much more and can involve using your skills and expertise, volunteering and team building. They can develop a tailor-made package of activities or challenges to engage and motivate your teams, bringing lasting benefits to your business and the community.

Team and individual challenges

Large scale community events
Volunteering opportunities
Positive public relations
Community engagement
Staff engagement

Everything you raise will go directly to one of their projects, whichever most closely meets your company’s objectives and interests.

To get started, find out more  or email