Pupils from Dorset House School, Bury, West Sussex, recently worked on an art project, based on Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’.  Head of Art, Carly Harrison selected six of the pictures to be displayed in the ladies’ waiting room at Pulborough Station.

On 5th December, the six young artists, accompanied by the Headteacher, Matt Thomas, his PA and school Registrar, Sarah O’Brien, and Carly Harrison, came over to Pulborough, where they were welcomed by Jim Cumming, station manager, and Rowena Tyler, SCRP Arun Valley Line Officer.  The pictures, which had been put up on the wall that morning, really brightened up the ladies’ waiting room.  Each of the young artists had their photograph taken next to their own work, and then group photos were taken, with the staff of Dorset House School.

The pupils and staff were given the opportunity to talk to the station manager, and asked some questions about the station and the railway, before they returned to their school, very excited as it was the last week of term before Christmas.

Dorset House School is a station partner, and will continue work with the Line Officer to refresh the artwork in the ladies’ waiting room periodically.