Pupils and staff from the QEII SEN school enjoyed visiting the station this week, bringing examples of their most recent project  – self portraits ‘Picasso-style’!

The school, an approved station partner at Horsham spent time with station staff, and helped to install their pictures.  These will add to the existing ones, all with a royal theme, installed as a celebration of the renaming of the art gallery.

The school’s Careers Lead,  Laura Caffrey-Curley said:  “We have put up one board and currently have two more that are almost ready to go up.  The staff at Horsham Station were great. Mike and Miguel were fantastic with our students and took the time to make us feel welcome and were so helpful.”

The Queen Elizabeth Art Gallery is at the top of the staircases from the platforms, before going through to the bookings hall.  If you have time to spare, while waiting for your train, do pop up there and take a look.