GWR’s North Downs Line Stations Manager, Mal Thurman, decided to hang up his watch and whistle on October 28th and visited Farnborough North with his replacement, Andy Gallaugher, in the week before.

It was a great opportunity for the Farnborough Street Residents Association to celebrate Mal’s retirement and to show off all the work they’d done in Reg’s Garden behind the old station house. Mal was presented with a leaving card and a couple of bottles to mark the occasion. It’s been a pleasure to work with Mal over the 3 years since the inception of the North Downs Line Community Rail Partnership.

Before the action started

Brambles cleared and dead tree removed

A tremendous number of volunteer hours have been put in by local residents, friends and family. In the space of 3 months all the brambles have been cleared, topsoil has been tilled and seeded and the fence has been painted.