We are delighted to share an update with you on GTR’s new Accessible Travel Policy. The policy is available directly on all GTR websites.

Supported by the “Making Rail Accessible” leaflet, providing practical information for customers on what assistance and support is available, how to access it, what customers should expect on their journey and how to access additional information.
The leaflet is available at all stations and for download. If you can help GTR make it available to a wider audience, either digitally or via physical copies, please let us know.

The Accessible Travel Policy was developed with the Access Advisory Panel, a group of customers with additional access needs such as physical and non-visible disabilities, elderly passengers or those travelling with young children, who travel on the  network and meet regularly with senior managers. The policy was recently approved by the Office of Road and Regulation.

GTR are committed to creating a more accessible and inclusive railway. All customers, regardless of disability or any other need for additional support should have the confidence to travel on the network, and the Accessible Travel Policy outlines our commitments to make this happen.