Sussex Community Rail Partnership says thank you for protecting key workers and the community in song.

We are all missing the trains today because of COVID-19.

Adam Felman, a local musician, brilliantly captures what train travel means to all of us.  Whilst we stay indoors and refrain from unnecessary travel, we can fondly remember the opportunities that travel by rail affords us. His music gives us hope. If we follow the guidance from the Government and support each other, soon we can enjoy going out with our friends, visiting our families, exploring new places and have the world come to meet us.

Angie Doll, Stakeholder Manager Southern and Gatwick Express, said: – “This is a wonderful celebration of what travel by rail means to all of us.  Thank you for all the support that Sussex Community Rail and our customers have shown to essential key workers- 200,000 of whom rely on GTR’s rail routes each week.”

The Sussex Community Rail Partnership (‘SCRP’), is the charity which works to connect local communities and the railway.

Chairman Tim Barkley explained: –

“Given the advice that people should avoid non-essential travel and unnecessary social contact, we have obviously had to consider its impact on what we do: – which is to encourage use of public transport and community engagement.

“In line with that advice we are discouraging non-essential travel and are working creatively to support our volunteers and railway partners. This piece of music was composed by a local musician who lives near one of our community rail lines. It expresses the central role that rail travel plays in all our lives.

“We will obviously keep the situation under review, so that when people are ready to travel again we are able to demonstrate the value of community rail more than ever.

“In the meantime, we will do what we can to help the local community where we can, particularly in supporting the vulnerable.”

For more information contact:

Fiona Morton, Community Rail Development Manager, Sussex Community Rail Partnership    07891 556897

Adam Felman To see Adam propose to his now wife (as mentioned in the song)