Go Ahead Group Climate Change Strategy

Today Go-Ahead launched the group’s Climate Change Strategy. The strategy provides a clear roadmap for all operating companies within the group, including GTR, to develop and communicate their own plans to help curb emissions and help limit temperature rises to 1.5°.

As a responsible business, GTR has a part to play in responding to the climate challenge by reducing our emissions and adapting to the impacts of a changing climate. Public transport is itself part of the solution to climate change – the more journeys made by buses and trains (alongside walking and cycling) the greater our contribution to reducing emissions
The Go-Ahead Group climate change targets are:
• 75% emissions reduction by 2035
• To become a net zero business by 2045
The Strategy, which can be found at https://www.go-ahead.com/sustainability/climate-change, sets out how Group will contribute to tackling climate change through plans and targets for Decarbonisation, Air Quality, Water and Waste – along with an Adaptation plan to mitigate the impact of weather related incidents, such as landslips, flooding and extreme hot weather, on our operations.

We will need to adapt the way we operate as a business and look at how we can decarbonise rail fleet and our operations, improve air quality, reduce water use, increase recycling rates and encourage the use of sustainable and active travel methods.
Today marks the first step on the journey. We now need to further develop the strategy for GTR that will support Go Ahead Group’s approach.

We will update you later in the year on our plans and how we would like to work in partnership with our stakeholders, but in the interim we would welcome all your ideas and suggestions on how we can all work together to meet this challenge.

Kind regards,

Patrick Ladbury
Stakeholder Manager