This week saw the beginning of our joint project with Culture Shift ‘Get Into Trains’ combining training travel training and a pop up arts workshop at Lewes Station. Kindly funded by ACoRP, Culture Shift and Tesco Bags for Life. We had a warm welcome from station staff on this rather chilly day! The project was aimed at adults with learning disabilities and planned to give more confidence in travelling by train and add a creative element. Using the fantastic architecture at Lewes particularly the Every Ironworks connections we looked at the shapes beautiful shapes around the station and created our own rail network in wool!

SCRP and artist Anne Colvin are looking forward to our next pop up at Seaford Station followed by Eastbourne next month.

My favourite quote of the day came from one of our participants Neil, an avid Arsenal supporter who said “the trouble with this country today is there are too many cars everybody should go by train!”