Gatwick airport kindly hosted a day trip by the County Care group.


As a little thank you we arranged for them to be given a guided tour with special access to Gatwick Airport.  Kevin Weymes the Surface Access Strategy Manager arranged a fabulous day out for the group, they were shown around the airport both inside and out, were driven out to see the planes taking off, met various members of staff who explained what their role is at the airport, travelled on the mono-rail, the airport police paid a visit, “sit in the cab and turn on the blues and twos”.  The sniffer dogs were brought along to say hello (much excitement from both humans and dogs), the dogs role was explained and everyone got to stroke and pet the dogs.  Last but by no mean least, the airport’s fleet of Tesla cars arrived for the group to see – ‘is that it – some expensive cars”? No that wasn’t it – these cars are amazing and put on a ‘musical dancing display’ much to the amazement of the crowds of people waiting at the bus stops who whipped out their phones to film what was happening.

It was a fabulous day out, so many people made an effort to welcome the group.  Thank you Gatwick.