Additional barcode readers that allow passengers to scan barcode eTickets held on their smartphones or printed out from an email have just been added to ticket gates at Brighton railway station.

Train operator Govia Thameslink Railway says that with every ticket gate now boasting the technology, commuter, tourists and city day trippers will be less likely to have to queue to get on and off the platforms.

GTR customer services director Jenny Saunders said: “Barcode eTickets are quick to buy and convenient to use so we’re steadily adding them to more and more ticket gates across our stations to make life easier for our customers.

“This will help reduce queuing in stations that previously had only a few barcode readers fitted to the ticket gates.

“We’ll then visit stations that don’t have any barcode readers at all and aim to put one on every single ticket gate by summertime.”

The train operator says smart ticketing has soared in popularity at the expense of old-school paper tickets. The proportion of passengers buying barcode eTickets has more than doubled in the past three years (from 20% to 45%) while the percentage of those buying paper tickets has halved (from 63% to 33%).

It says eTickets are convenient and popular because they can be bought instantly on the train firm’s OnTrack app or website.

They are ideal for advanced singles, peak and off-peak singles, and peak and off-peak day return tickets.