Go Learn for Primary Schools in Sussex

The Go Learn programme, which is delivered by Sussex Community Rail Partnership and Southern, will help your pupils develop confidence and skills for safe, independent travel on public transport to secondary school. It provides your pupils with the skills to plan journeys, purchase tickets, and use rail services safely and confidently. It also promotes sustainable travel. It is aimed at Year 6 pupils and is free of charge.


There are three programmes available

Safety on the Railways

Safety on the Railways

Your Year 6 pupils can attend a Junior Citizen event in West Sussex, or a Safety In Action event in East Sussex and meet Southern’s Rail Enforcement Officers (REOs). These sessions are part of a day long event where pupils will meet organisations such as Fire and Rescue Service, Sussex Police and the RNLI, and develop their confidence in dealing with new experiences. Our REOs talk about how to stay safe on the railways.

To find out more about Junior Citizen in Crawley, West Sussex please contact:

To find out more about Junior Citizen in Horsham, West Sussex please contact:

To find out more about Safety in Action in East Sussex please contact:

Classroom workshop

Classroom workshop

This free interactive workshop, delivered by our Education Officer in your classroom, is for Year 6 pupils.  The workshop is 1.5 hours and covers:

  • Using maps – using compass points to describe the location of things on a map
  • Reading a paper timetable and Southern’s mobile app – pupils will learn how to read a paper timetable, remember this may appear on their SATs exams! Will include platforms signs and detaching trains
  • What to pack for your journey? An activity for the pupils to list everything they would need to pack for a train journey if they were travelling without their parents
  • Staying safe – at stations, on the train and personal safety
  •  Help! Talk about finding help when travelling e.g. staff, signs onboard the train, help points or apps
  • What If?… Activity – pupils are given different scenarios that they may encounter when they travel on the train. How will they deal with them?

This workshop can be delivered via Zoom.

To book your free workshop please contact Cath Reed, Education Officer / 07535 511718

Station visit & train ride

Station visit & train ride

Following the classroom workshop your Year 6 pupils can visit their local train station and take a free return trip on a train (usually to the next station). Please allow several hours for this visit which will include four or five activities including:

  • a platform visit (with a reminder on safety on the railways)
  • buying a ticket from a machine
  • a station inspection activity
  • a station quiz

The train ride could be used to deliver other areas of your curriculum (e.g. schools have used the train ride as part of an Evacuation Day experience).

‘Take a trip on a train’ is an activity in the Department for Education’s Year 6 Activity Passport

To book your free station visit and train ride please contact Cath Reed, Education Officer / 07535 511718

Enquiries and Bookings
The children were fully engaged and interested for over an hour.
Teacher, East Sussex
Excellent safety information—for keeping safe on the station at crossings and pathways. The children were very attentive and focused.
Teacher, East Sussex
Teaching important and practical life skills which may be needed to travel to secondary school and useful information to help with their journey.
Teacher, East Sussex
Very useful to know about websites and apps the children will be able to use to help them prepare a journey. The children enjoyed using the timetable to plan a trip to the theatre.
Teacher, East Sussex