Our Brighton Community Rail station partner, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, has launched a fundraising appeal to regenerate the Trafalgar Street area.

The museum, located beneath Brighton railway station, says it is seeking to restore and preserve its historic home on Trafalgar Street in Brighton making it the new gateway into the city from the station.

Over the years, the museum has enchanted generations, but now it requires revitalisation to continue captivating young minds preserving the heritage of toys and revealing the gem that is the Museum with its 12,000 exhibits.

One of the first things visitors to Brighton see is a gloomy underpass daubed with graffiti and strewn with old posters and stickers. It’s surprising to discover that this underpass houses one of the best collections of toys and models in the world!

The Brighton Toy Museum has been an iconic cultural institution for more than three decades. Its mission is to conserve, exhibit and celebrate a diverse collection of toys that have fascinated and delighted people of all ages. It aims to restore and upgrade the Trafalgar Street location, ensuring its continued presence as a vibrant hub for education, exploration and joy.

The Museum, working with Benedict O’Looney Architects and Railway Heritage Trust, has been granted planning permission to replace the modern brickwork which fills the 20-foot-high Victorian arches with glazing to regenerate the area by illuminating the street and revealing its unique treasures.

With support from the Railway Heritage Trust, the Museum has made it past the 50% mark. It is now fundraising for the remaining amount and is asking people to play a significant part in helping it to achieve this target.

Financial support will assist in refurbishing the museum’s infrastructure, preserving its historic architecture, and maintaining the integrity of the building. Furthermore, it aims to make the museum accessible to everyone by implementing necessary accessibility features through crime prevention practices including better lighting of the passageway and CCTV.

People can support the appeal in these ways:

:: Donate: Financial contributions will directly fund the restoration and enhancement of the museum

:: Spread the word: share its campaign with friends and family, and on social media to help it reach a wider audience passionate about preserving history and fostering creativity.

:: Volunteer: Your time and expertise are invaluable. Join the Museum as a volunteer to support various aspects of the project.

Your support will not only help revive the Brighton Toy Museum’s Trafalgar Street location but will also contribute to preserving an essential part of Brighton’s cultural heritage. By revitalising this space, the museum says it will continue to inspire curiosity, creativity and learning for generations to come.

Full details of the Crowdfunder appeal are here.