Are you a School Governor, Head Teacher, parent/carer or student representative? If so, we need your help…

We are starting to think about about travel safety plans when it is safe for students return to school and college.  During COVID-19 it is essential to protect communities by obeying government instruction to stay at home. As the country starts to think about how a staged return to some key activities may take shape, one area that needs careful thought is the possible phased return to school. An achievable, sustainable and SAFE travel plan for each student is essential.
The dilemma that many students and their families face, is wanting to support more sustainable transport options, but being tempted to drive each student to their place of study. Many parents and carers know that if you start driving your children to school, it is very difficult to stop this daily routine.
Our communities are enjoying less traffic on the roads, pollution levels are falling, and more people have taken up cycling and walking. The question for us all is “how can these benefits be maintained if, and when, limited travel to and from schools is permitted?
Many local and city authorities, rail and bus operating companies are thinking very carefully about this. The priority is safety. Some of the many points they will be thinking about are to do with timetabling, arrangements for social distancing at rail and bus hubs and staggering finish and start times. We are proud to say we are joining with many others to advise about local arrangements and provide resources to help schools manage a safe return to school should this be judged safe. Our volunteer directors at SCRP from Brighton & Hove Buses, Metrobus, Cuckmere and Wealden Buses are offering their furloughed buses and staff to supplement existing operators on school routes. They are also making sure their staff will have the necessary protective equipment should they be called upon. GTR have already adjusted their timetables to coincide with shift changes at major hospitals served by their rail routes and will be considering the same for schools and colleges. They too are thinking very carefully about social distancing measures and rail travel.
Local knowledge is an important factor. Our Line Officers are sharing their knowledge about local arrangements. If you are a School Governor, a Head Teacher and or a parent/carer or a student representative, please do get in touch with your Line Officer to give constructive advice about what factors need to be taken into consideration if and when education sites re-admit pupils on a larger scale.
Our Line Officer contact details are below:

Arun Valley Line Officer: Rowena Tyler / 07944 289269

Marshlink Line Officer: Kevin Barry / 07949 314233

North Downs Line Officer: David Daniels / 07939 036131

Seaford-Brighton Line Officer: Catherine Simmons / 07375 531987

Uckfield-East Grinstead and Tonbridge-Redhill-Reigate Line Officer: Sharon Gray / 07944 628933

Sussex Coast Line Officers: Catherine Simmons & Rowena Tyler / 07375 531987 / 07944 289269

Education Officer: Maddy Mills / 07852 221274