Southeast Communities Rail Partnership has been awarded several prestigious awards at the  annual Community Rail Network  event held on 9th December in Southampton:

We are especially proud the award for   “influencing positive change” which is testament to our collaborative work.  

Some time ago Southern asked passengers and local communities to let them know which projects they would like to see to improve their station.  SCRP Officers worked through lockdown supporting GTR’s Passenger Benefit Fund project team along with the support, input and assistance of local station communities, steering groups, volunteers and local residents to bring these projects to completion.  Without which many of the station improvements could not have been completed to the standard they were. 

Some of the  larger projects are immediately noticeable such as the renovation of station buildings, large art installations, refurbished toilets, whilst others of equal importance were not so noticeable.  For example by informing the team that at certain times of day when in direct sunlight, the screen on some ticket machines became unreadable this  resulted in hoods being fitted – only you could know this.  

Some of your submissions could not be included this time but don’t lose heart as they can be re-visited in the future. 

Your voice has proved as important as ever and as such we need to thank you all for your continued support.