Rye station has now has four station partners. Rye Studio , The Creative School , Friary Gardeners and a recent joiner for the start of 2016 is AARRC. AARRc is a charitable organisation which encourages adults with disabilities to be involved in many forms of the arts. Whether through fashion , craft work , painting , music etc. Kevin Barry the Caommunity Rail Development Officer for the Marshlink line said, “as with all our partners we encourage them to exhibit their work at the station at Rye and sometimes in some of the other stations along the line. It lets visitors and residents see how hard they work to produce good quality products and how very creative everyone can be”

If you would like your school/college or community organisation to be a partner with any of the stations along the Marshlink line, then contact Kevin Barry by email Kevin@sussexcrp.org or phone 07949 314233