We have the pleasure in sharing Sussex Community Rail Partnership’s annual review for 2019.

We have had a very busy and productive year, working with over 8,000 students through our Go learn, Try a Train and Active Access programmes.

We have achieved accredited status and are proud to report that we add an additional £260,000 K in social value to our communities through our work.

We continue to work with communities along our 7 rail lines and volunteers at over 90 station partnerships; improving the environment through bee friendly planting, connecting people to cycle and walking opportunities and showcasing the talents of local artists and pioneers from our community, of whom we can be justly proud.

We are now carrying on our work from home complying with safety measures during with the current health emergency. We have developed innovative ways to support our station partners, our volunteers and staff during this time. When the situation eases, Community Rail will be needed more than ever to help the public return to rail and bus use, and to maintain the habit of active travel by building walking and cycling into daily routines.

Please contact our Community Rail Development Manger Fiona Morton, fiona@sussexcrp.org,  if you would like to have further information regarding other areas of our work or if you have some good ideas you wish to share about community projects we could support.

Follow the link to this annual review at: https://www.sussexcrp.org/about-us/reports/

In view of current COVID-19 health precautions we have decided not to post hard copies at this time.  They will however be available as soon as is practicable.

Kind regards,

Patrick Warner, Chairman of Stakeholder Advisory Board & Tim Barkley, Chairman of SCRP