A joint project with South Downs National Park Authority, GTR, the Aldingbourne Trust, and of course, Sussex CRP has resulted in this beautiful traditional wooden signpost and seating at Amberley Station.

With funding from ACoRP, the project began in May 2018, when the wood team from the Aldingbourne Trust removed the wood from the existing circular bench, repaired the broken slats, and then varnished the bench.  South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) offered to create a signpost, which they provided and installed in December …… 2019!  The four fingers show the way to Amberley Village & the South Downs Way; Amberley Museum; the Railway Station; Car Parking spaces.

These projects can take a while, as so many different partners are involved, and various permissions have to be obtained.  SDNPA took the opportunity to install 3 more signposts along or to the South Downs Way, which direct walkers back to Amberley Station.

This one was definitely worth the wait, and will be a great asset to people arriving by train or car to Amberley station.